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The demand for organic skin care grows every day and it can be hard to know if products are truly organic or just trying to fool consumers. Labels promise natural ingredients when in fact these products contain hazardous chemicals and can be very expensive. So which products and companies can you trust? Is there any product that is safe for you and your family? I say, trust yourself! Join me in creating lotions, potions, and other fun, safe and cost effective items. I’ll bring natural ingredients including herbs, clay, butters, and oils and you come prepared to choose ingredients and melt, mix and label your new self-made care products–a wonderful gift for yourself and loved ones.


Check back with us as we will be offering products for purchase directly from our website!



Join me at my next event and create something new and safe for you and your loved ones.

Host a Party

Host a Signature Dandelion party and at the end of the night you’ll carry home new products along with great memories.