About Us

I started Signature Dandelion after quitting my technology job of nine years. I have a degree in International Business and have absolutely no experience with cosmetics (I don’t even wear makeup), but you don’t need a degree to recognize the abundance of chemicals in food, skin care products, and the air we breathe. I want to share my love of creating products that I know are safe, great for your skin, and be a part of a revolution that reduces exposure to toxins.

I’ve never been very creative, but I can follow a recipe with the best of them. My healthy husband has always made sure we eat well, but with the birth of my first boy I became like several other parents and started paying closer attention to our cleaning, skin care, and baby products. Unfortunately when my second son developed eczema, I realized that just purchasing products at healthy grocery stores didn’t make them safe and fool proof. I decided that I would purchase healthy ingredients and attempt these items on my own. To my surprise I realized that a handful of items allowed me to make an assortment of items such as lotions, lip balm, diaper cream, deodorant, etc. I was giddy over these items and wanted to share them with my friends and family. A few girlfriends and I got together and we made soap and scrubs for co-workers and teachers and I realized that I wanted to share this with everyone. My hope is that this experience allows people to have a better understanding of what is in their products, and makes the move to reduce toxic exposures in their homes thus reducing toxins in our air and drinking water.